Corporate well-being program

Expanding the definition of well-being in the workplace.

Expanding the definition of well-being in the workplace.


i2Evolve offers 3-hour seminars for corporate employees. These seminars are delivered quarterly. They support creative thinking that develops new and existing skills. We provide strategies that help build self-aware, resilient, emotionally intelligent human beings through visual process art and meditation.

Both art and meditation have been used for centuries as an active training of the mind to increase self-awareness and acceptance of feelings without judgement. When combined, the engagement in both activities result in a relaxation of the mind and body.

The skills that are obtained during the activity allow participants to explore creative endeavors, problem-solve, set goals, and reflect. It assists the professional in a non-traditional approach to help stimulate conversation and collaboration. When one is focused on the process and not the product, the mind is able to concentrate allowing for a reduction in anxiety and stress hormones.

In our 3-hour seminar, attendees will participate in a studio experience. A unique process art project will be provided with the opportunity to engage in a mindful approach with prompts from the instructor. Additionally, there will be a meditation session for demonstration and experiential purposes. A reflection, journaling and discussion on gratitude will take place.

This program will serve as an employee benefit or perk that stands out among most conventional offerings.

This program will:

  • Teach strategies to drive employee creativity

  • Help elevate employee performance, mood, and well-being

  • Reinforce self-care for long term positive health benefits

  • Improve critical thinking to reduce stress

  • Spark the imagination and increase productivity

  • Build trust and collaboration

  • Rejuvenate staff

  • Increase morale

For more information or for scheduling, contact us by email or phone. or (917)757-6095

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